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Gold Prospecting STF 9,5"x12,5" (5 kHz + 40 kHz) DD Coil for Intronik STF

Discussion in 'Coils Fitting Multi-Frequency AKA Metal Detectors' started by SuchMuch, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. SuchMuch

    SuchMuch Administrator Staff Member

    Saint Petersburg, Russia
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    3:39 AM
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    Pro (1.00) Ultra
    Here you are gold prospecting DD STF 9,5"x12,5"@ 5 kHz + 40 kHz coil air test results.
    All the data were obtained with D mode that is noted to suppress "salt" falsing signals completely.
    This coil should be superb on trashy sites!

    Pls be noted that 1/4 kopeck USSR weights just 0,25 gram.
    1 kopeck USSR was detected at greater distance with subject coil than 5 kopecks with coil running 1,7 kHz + 14 kHz.

    Targets on photo (from left to right):
    Gold nugget->1/4 kopeck USSR->1/2 kopeck USSR->1 kopeck USSR->RU silver hammy->5 kopecks USSR

    Target/Detection Distance:
    • Gold nugget / 28 cms
    • 1/4 kopeck USSR / 29 cms
    • 1/2 kopeck USSR / 38 cms
    • 1 kopeck USSR / 47 cms
    • Russian silver hammered coin, dimensions: 9mm x 13mm / 39 cms
    • 5 kopecks USSR / 61 cms
    • 5 kopecks Ekaterina 2 / 59 cms
    • Aluminium beer 0,5 liter can / 123 cm
    Intronik STF was running with Gain on 22 that is 35% of maximum output.
    Ground Compensation was done over ferrite.
    Rate was set on 2.

    That's all metal detector needs to be rated as deep one. Pls note subject Intronik coil frequency pair is equal to Minelab Equinox frequency pair.
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