AKA Signum MFT

Brief Overview

Brief Description of AKA Signum MFT 7272лю:

Professional, computerized, high-sensitivity, multi-frequency metal detector with original, patented, no analogue technology of space- harmonic filtering (SFT), which allows to significantly improve the quality of the identification of objects.


- An electronic unit, which allows transmission and processing of signals in the range of 1 to 30 kHz

- Automatic compensator input allows to reach sensitivity to 65cm for 25mm. coin (with the search coil 10 " DD/7kHz)

- A unique algorithm for identification of flat metal objects (S- algorithm)

- Large high contrast display

- Technology for immediate visualization of the objects during a search in the form of spectral - graphic images of the LCD display (128x64)

- Two independent channels of search: RT (Real Time) and ST (Short Ton)

- 4 user programs on demand, with instant access

- 4 modes of sound indication of the possibility of setting the tone and limits of sound

- Automatic and Manual Ground Balance

- A system for automatic correction of ground balance with adjustable speed readjustment

- Dynamic and static modes of searching

- Unique algorithm discriminatory suppression and display " hot rocks"

- "Turbo" mode for extreme depth

- Streamlined ergonomic design

- Waterproof housing electronic control module

- Possibility for rapid operational change search coils in the field without presets

- Powered - 6 batteries 1,5 V AA

- Time to work with one set of batteries - up to 20 hours, depending on modes

- Weight with battery - 1.25 kg

Additional search coils:

6" - 7kHz or 14 kHz

6"x10" - 7 kHz or 14 kHz or 19 kHz

9"x12" - 7 kHz or 14 kHz

9"x12" - 3F (3 kHz, 7 kHz, 14 kHz)

13" - 3 kHz or 7 kHz

13" - 3F (3 kHz, 7 kHz, 12 kHz)

15 "- 3 kHz, 7 kHz

6"/6"x10"/9"x12"/13"/15" with custom frequency (1,5 kHz....30 kHz)

The main original feature of this detector and all the other models of Aka is a "hodograph" identification of targets, which allows to define targets very easy and with an exact value. No other metal detector brand has such an identification.

There are 3 algorithms to choose from, algorithms are best described as 3 chips that control the detector in different ways based on recovery speed and desired targets. All 3 algorithms named MSF, SSF and MM have their own parameters, for example if you are using MM which is high trash mode and a very fast recovery speed all you settings such as discrimination, sensitivity, audio tone , etc are all saved under that feature, so when using another algorithm such as SSF you can save a different range of settings to suit your search requirements.

SSF is primarily for use in areas with large flat iron or heavily rusted iron plates, these are usually detected with mixed signal or are often confused as a non-ferrous signal. When using algorithm SSF, these errors are avoided the machine clearly identifies that the detected signal is iron.

MSF is more of an all round setting, it has a medium recovery speed which rejects or identifies most iron with ease, this is best describes as a low to medium trash setting and will suit most people.

MM is also known as metal trash (MT), it is very dynamic and an ideal setting for working amongst high iron contamination such as ancient sites, the audio response is very sharp and precise.

Signum MFT is produced in 3 variants: Straight Shaft, S-shaped Shaft, S-shaped Shaft with removable control box

Signum MFT User Manual (Firmware Version 1.00.c)

S-shaped Shaft with removable control box: