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AKA Signum MFD

Brief Overview

AKA Signum MFD is equal to AKA Signum MFT but with DEEP program added and minor software updates.

DEEP program

DEEP program is designed to find and identify large objects at depth under carpet consisting of small participles (E.g.: rusted nails and small iron laying close to surface) with medium (10"/9,5"x12,5") and large (13"/15") coils. DEEP program is a real substitute to classic deep scanning units like Whites TM-808/Pulse Star family but with ability to identify metal type (iron/non ferrous) in case of good signal strength. Signum MFD could be turned into deep scanning unit and restored back as a VLF detector just in 1 click – this could be useful when target needs rechecking.

Minor software updates

- Frequency shifting from resonance could be performed within 10% on top of coil's frequency. Signum's sharpness will be reduced but detector becomes less liable to EMI, works better on mineralized soils, trashy sites etc

- ST duration could be set on different for each program

- RT volume has 9 steps now (4 steps is equal to RT present in Signum MFT now). RT setting could be set on different for each program

- GS filter has 0,25 degree step instead of 1 degree step available in Signum MFT now. Each program will have its own setting

- Ground Balance has 0,5 degree step

- "Ground zone cut" setting. This option cuts ST in selected zone. Each program will have its own setting. Signum MFD will run with less falsing (signals close to ground zone), deep-deep targets will be lost. Each program will have its own setting

- Screen lighting could be set to minimum level

- Screen lighting could be switched on and off by long pressing "Volume" button

- Economy mode could be set on different for each program