New Wireless Headset Piton WS-PROFI For Sale

Wireless headset for AKA metal detectors

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Wireless headset Piton WS-PROFI consists of transmitter and receiver. This kit was designed by metal detectorist to suite tasks of metal detecting and is noted to be with high quality sound and no signal sound distortion.

Piton WS-PROFI headset is tuned to sounds produced by AKA detectors.

Piton WS-PROFI fits all kinds of metal detectors, works great with low impedance and high impedance headphones equipped with jacks 3,5 mm or 6,3 mm.

WS-PROFI prevents you from missing tiny non ferrous signals even those masked by iron.

Technical specifications:
  • Frequency range: 2,4 GHz (Wi Fi) with clear sound, no delays and no signal sound distortion.
  • Mode: STEREO.
  • Maximum range in line of sight with no EMI interference: 15 m.
  • Effective range in any conditions: 3-5 m.
  • Frequency response range: 20 ~ 20, 000 Hz.
  • Sampling frequency: 32 kHz (16 bit).
  • Power consumption: 30 mA.
  • Fits any metal detector (or any sound source) with output 3,5 mm or 6.3 mm nest
  • Transmitter and Receiver chips are covered with water resistant varnish

  • Receiver is powered by built-in MICRO USB Li-ion battery.(420mAh, 3.7V) that is active for 10-12 hours of non stop running.
  • Battery compartment for spare 14500 3.7V Li-ion battery (battery is not supplied)
  • Switching between built-in battery and spare battery

  • Transmitter is powered by built-in MICRO USB Li-ion battery.(420mAh, 3.7V) and 14500, 3.7V Li-ion battery (battery is not supplied)

List of Parts:

  1. Receiver
  2. Transmitter
  3. Audio adapter 6.3mm to 3.5mm
  4. 75 cms audio cable with jack 6.3 mm at one end and 3.5 mm at another end
  5. Lashing rubber strip
  6. Manual with guarantee check
Warranty: 1 year

Wired headphones are not supplied. Headphones with impedance over 510 Ohm are recommended to be used within WS-Profi.

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