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Used Sorex Pro for sale. Sold

EUR 520.00
проезд Воскресенские Ворота, Центральный административный округ, Москва, Russian Federation
Would like to suggest Sorex Pro used for sale.
About two years old.
Overall in a good condition due to the term.
9.5" by 12.5" at 7 kHz coil will come with this detector.
A dust cover will be also in the set,though the cover has a tear made by the previous owner,but still carrying the option.
Let me know if you are interested sending me a p.m. for details.
If you want more coils,let me know as well.
575 usd
The cost includes Express international shipping.


    1. Igor
      The detector has been paid.
    2. Igor
      Hello Edward!
      I've just replied to your e-mail.
    3. Edward Quimby
      Hello Igor,
      I want to buy the Sorex Pro.The used one .I live in the U.S. You can let me know how to do this? My name is Edward.
      My email is edwardquimby1960@gmail.com