New New AKA model Piligrim 47 is available. For Sale

EUR 410.00
Печатников переулок, Центральный административный округ, Москва, Russian Federation
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Here is one of the latest AKA models and it is Piligrim 47.This one is the most powerful with 6 AA to compare with 4 AA Piligrim 47.
Now,it is available to make an order with one of the next coils-
6" by 10" at 7 kHz
6" by 10" at 14 kHz
6" by 10" at 20 kHz
Any additional coils need to be discussed.
The cost for the set is attractive,but approximate due to a currency and should be pointed out by the date of purchase and will include express shipping.
The detector is very easy for setting and using,but there is only Russian manual at present.The manual is short and I suppose,it is not complicated to translate it if it is necessary.
Power supply: 6 or 4 cell type "AA" based on
from modification
The maximum range
4АА brass disc 25 mm in diameter - 35 cm
limit - 150 cm
6АА brass disk with a diameter of 25 mm - 40 cm
limit - 200 cm
Consumption current, mA: 4АА 150
6АА 260
The maximum time
of continuous work, hours:
4АА 18
6АА 10
Coil size, mm: 152x260 (6X10”)
Tool weight, kg: 1,4
Display modes: audio multi-tone
Ground balance:
semi-automatic with auto-tuning when
Search modes: all metals
Dimensions, mm telescopic rod - 1100-1300
the electronic control unit is 125 X 200 X 40

  • Maximum detection range - the maximum possible distance object detection in the absence of external interference at the maximum the sensitivity settings.
  • The current consumption and continuous operation time - with no sound the display and backlight off display when using batteries with a capacity of 2700 mAh.
  • Weight of the device without installed batteries, coil 6X10”.


    1. oliver
      is it incl. shipping to Germany the 6 AA with 14 khz
      and is it possible to buy update cable
      1. Igor
        Hello,yes,the cost is arround that and including Express shipping,could be pointed out by the date of a deal.14 kHz coil has already gone,there is 7 kHz and 20 kHz near me,but if your choice is 14 kHz,I suppose I am able to supply too.Concerning the cable,also should be pointed out here.Thanks.
        Dec 11, 2017
    2. Igor
      Concerning videos,they are made in Russian by one of the local dealers and it is possible to find them on YouTube when searching Piligrim 47.
    3. Igor
      Yes,all AKA coils-all sizes and all frequencies will work with Piligrim 47.I have recently checked 20 kHz with Piligrim and found out,that targets with a conductivity the same as Hot Rocks even if visible by the detector at once,then will be invisible as if Piligrim makes auto tuning of GB,that surprised me,but I consider it useful now.So,I can say,the detector works with 20 kHz perfect and allows to detect all needed targets.
    4. Rew
      6 cell has to be the one to go for.
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      2. Igor
        Hi Rew,
        not only,this detector is for all kinds of searching with a very good depth comparable even with Signum using corresponding coils.
        Nov 14, 2017
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    5. vint1
      Nice igor , will my sorex pro coils work on the 47 . ? Is there any videos of it in action ...... vinny
      1. SuchMuch
        Nov 13, 2017
    6. Igor
      There is only one model available at present and it is with 6 AA.The cost is for this one.I do not think the cost is the same as far this one is more sensitive.
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    7. SuchMuch
      Do both models (4xAA and 6xAA) cost the same price?