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New DD Coil 8"@3 kHz, 20 kHz (1 frequency at once) Sold

Aftermarket 8" DD coil with frequencies on board

EUR 139.00
Садовая улица, Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation
New/never used DD 8" coil with 2 frequencies on board: 3 kHz and 20 kHz (1 frequency at once). 3 kHz is for "cherry" pick up hunting on sites badly polluted with iron and red bricks particles, 20 kHz is for hunting site to death.

I sell this coil since I'm not outing till May, 2018 (winter time, ground is frozen) and I have enough time to order yet another 8"@3 kHz, 20 kHz.
Coil is produced and located in St.Petersburg (Russia)

This coil fits Signum MFD, Signum MFT, Sorex Pro, Berkut-5 and some other single frequency AKA metal detectors.

  • 2 mm shockresistand ABS plastic is used in production
  • Coil hull is vacuum formed
  • Inner parts of coil and coil ears are enforced with fiberglass
  • Winding machine is used to coil wire
  • High quality epoxy filler ED20 with plastificators is used in production
  • Microparticles are added to epoxy filler that increases overall coil strength and reduces its weight
  • Screening is done with high quality graphite
  • Coil is solid and watertight, it could be submerged in water up to 5 meters
  • Cable "double coaxial" DAXX V52 with length 1,2 m is used
  • Watertight frequency switching trigger
  • Coil weight including cable and switch is about 440 grams

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