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New 9,5"x12,5" at 2 Frequencies (6 kHz and 14 kHz) Coil for Single Frequency AKA Metal Detectors For Sale

EUR 178.00
Москва, Russian Federation
This coil is rather fresh for AKA producing line and could be very usefull in some detecting conditions.Let me know if you are interested in making a deal.


    1. miguel vicente
      hello Igor the coil is wather prov?do you send it to portugal.
    2. Igor
      We are expecting prices for 2 frequencies coils to be decreased since next Monday.
      I suppose the cost for 9.5" by 12.5" at 2 frequencies will be arround 180 usd.
    3. choppadude
      When will the 3 frequency coils be available for sale?
    4. Igor
      All 2 frequencies coils are available for a deal at present!
    5. Igor
      The cost for all types of 2 frequencies coils should be pointed out soon.