New 15" at 2 Frequencies (2,8 kHz and 7,5 kHz) Coil for Single Frequency AKA Metal Detectors For Sale

EUR 221.00
Москва, Russian Federation
Price is rubles 13 950 that is equal to eur 221,34 (based on exchange rate valid on 30 May, 2017). Shipping is not included.

2,8 kHz and 7,5 kHz
Let me know if interested.
There is a photo of the switcher in this classified and all 2 frequencies coils have the same switcher.


    1. Igor
      We are expecting prices for 2 frequencies coils to be decreased since next Monday.
      I suppose the cost for 15" at 2 frequencies will be arround 240 usd.
    2. Igor
      All 2 frequencies coils are available for a deal at present!