New 13" at 2 Frequencies (5.8 kHz and 13,5 kHz) Coil for Single Frequency AKA Metal Detectors For Sale

EUR 192.78
Москва, Russian Federation
Very interesting coil and one of the last produced at AKA.Let me know if you have interest.


    1. georgi
      Hi how can i bay this coil thank you
    2. oliver
      If it is ready i want to buy
      1. Igor
        Hello,replied through "start conversation".
        Apr 13, 2018
    3. oliver
      Is this Coil ready for Sale or Must it Produced
    4. oliver
      what is shipping to germany
    5. Igor
      We are expecting prices for 2 frequencies coils to be decreased since next Monday.
      I suppose the cost for 13" at 2 frequencies will be arround 210 usd.
      1. georgi likes this.
    6. choppadude
      Still waiting for prices, maybe I should buy more coils from Mars as they have prices and are ready to sell. Does AKA not want sales?
    7. choppadude
      I would like to purchase one of these coils. What is the price with shipping to the USA?
    8. Igor
      All 2 frequencies coils are available for a deal at present!
    9. Igor
      The cost for all types of 2 frequencies coils should be pointed out soon.