Sigrex Sigrex (Signum & Sorex Families) Ground Balance (GB) Guide

Ground Balance is an essential setting that should be mastered by any AKA detectorist
By SuchMuch · Oct 28, 2017 · Updated Jan 21, 2019 ·
  1. SuchMuch
    Ground Balance (GB) is the main setting in entire range of single frequency AKA detectors.

    But first of all, let us figure out what type of thing false signal is. False signal (falsing) is a ground signal that does not match ground zone for some reason (ground zone is not sounded by metal detector).

    With wrong GB detectorist suffers from false signals those usually appear as signals of high conductive targets (large copper/silver objects) due to ground zone being offset to minus. Should ground zone be offset to plus, false signals will appear as iron signals in ferrous zone.

    Metal detector producing lots of false signals could miss tiny signals (small stuff or deep objects), this could happen when detector is not restored from previous signal (falsing). Lots of falsings lead to constant metal detector load with signals, that's how tiny signals could be missed and not be sounded at all.

    With lots of falsings detectorist get tired very soon and could easily mistake tiny signal (short RT sound) with false signal (no RT sound).

    Prior to GBing be sure coil is correctly adapted. If you are not sure, just do force coil adaptation (switch detector off, keep pressing button "+" and switch detector on at the same time).

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