Sig MFD Signum MFD User Manual

Signum MFD Manual compilation
By SuchMuch · Nov 7, 2017 ·
  1. SuchMuch
    AKA Signum MFD Manual has not been translated into English language yet...
    Once AKA issues official Signum MFD manual in English, it will be posted here.

    Signum MFD VLF Mode
    Signum MFD differs from Signum MFT (firmware version 1.00.c) by DEEP Program and minors software updates only. When hunting in VLF mode treat Signum MFD as if it's was a Signum MFT. Check Signum MFT User Manual. Read as well thread dealing with

    Signum DEEP Mode
    All stuff related to DEEP Mode is collected in article DEEP Mode (Signum MFD) Guide

    To sum all up, if we take Signum MFT Manual in English, threads "Minor Software Updates", "GS Filter and GS Zone", "DEEP Program", all together it will be equal to Signum MFD Manual in English. Latest firmware versions are mentioned in thread:

    All the threads relevant to Signum MFD are marked with:
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