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By mschmahl · Oct 21, 2017 ·
  1. mschmahl
    I don´t want to bore you with pictures of my Signum (just a few), so I have attached below some pictures of finds.

    3.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg

    I have a Signum MFD Pro Ver. 1.17 EN. I bought it by Igor (thank´s a lot for this great service and this great detector) as MFT in the year 2015.

    My main detectors before the Signum were minelab explorer (from XS to SE), my backup detector was a Tesoro Lobo ST modded and I had played with some other machines (Quasar, Goldscan, Delta pulse, Garrett GTI, Fisher CZ 7a and some homebuilds).
    I was a bit skeptical because I have not heard much of AKA and had only seen a Sorex live. But this Sorex was so great that it doesn´t need a lot of time for the decision to buy an AKA. So I ordered the Signum.
    After some searching with a lot of finds I thought it is time to spend the Signum an overhauling and a facelift to thank for all the nice hours.
    So I sent it to Asgo (thank´s a lot for your great work on the signum) for the update to MFD and the upgrade to the pro version around Christmas.
    After that it was a completely new machine with new faceplate and a lot of special features.

    My main interesst is in old objects/relics from 500 bc to 1600 ac. So the Signum have found me a lot relics/coins from this time. A lot of Archäologist said the romans were not in our area but the Signum proof them wrong and found 7 or 8 roman coins.

    I have bought a lot of coils (thank´s to all the sellers and especially StiV for the special 18" @ 2,8 kHz coil and Igor for the 13" @ 18 kHz).
    Now I have a 6" @ 14 kHZ, 6x10" @ 20 kHz, 9x12,5 @ 7 kHz, 9x12,5 @ 3F, 10" @ 7 kHz, 13" @ 18 kHz, 15" @ 3 kHz and 18" @ 2,8 kHz coil.
    Most I use the 9x12,5 @ 3F coil set to 12 kHz, than then 13" @ 18 kHz and than the small coils (depending on the ground)

    All in all this is my best detector, the fastest, the deepest, this one with the best identification and the most changeable detector (to fit to the search conditions).
    I had no issues with the Signum exept for contact problems with the batteries (I had to bend the internal contacts). I tought the stem is to poor made, but again the Signum proofs me wrong. I have no problems till today.

    Fibel mit Nadel ges.jpg evtl fibel ges.jpg Fund 28.jpg Fund 23 2. Abgabe.jpg Fund 30 2.Abgabe.jpg Fund 42 2.Abgabe.jpg Fund 22.jpg Münzenk.jpg Fibelk.jpg
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