My honest review of Sorex Pro

Review of AKA Sorex Pro
By vint1 · Jun 9, 2018 ·
  1. vint1
    Here goes, I've been using my pro now for over 2 years , my thoughts so far .. I like it , not the easiest to master , but with time and practice you can , depth is excellent, 12inch on a coin ,no problem, speed is good , seperation is good , the hodo I believe is very accurate , once you learn it , good machine for pastures ,coin shoots , its light ,a straight shaft would be better , build quality is ok , could be better , full carbon be nice . loose locks , tape solved that .for me a great machine ,because I have mastered her , the best ,probably not , perfect ,not , could be made better ,yes , for a the money I played ,its a good machine ,better than some top machines out their ,once mastered wish for my next aka will be ,fully waterproof ,multi frequency ,easier set up . Full carbon straight shafts , hodo more accurate, and a beach mode ,wet sand . .all be great . Any one who wants a Aka , start with the pro first . . Great machine . But learn her ..... . vinny...
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