AKA Signum MFD review by pasadete

AKA Signum MFT/MFD by pasadete
By pasadete · Jun 3, 2018 ·
  1. pasadete
    Opinions about my Aka Signum MFT / MFD:

    For years I have always hunted war, relics my previous MD still in use is a Whites XLT which is unbeatable in this task. To have an MD capable of equalizing the XLT in war relics and at the same time being able to use it for coins near my city, I decided to buy an AKA Signum 7272 MFT.

    I bought my AKA Signum 7272 MFT version 1.00c in mid-2014, it is the old version with ABC plastic case coming from the SFT model. In 2017 I updated the software to version 2.06 with Deep Mode and at the same time I bought a 13 "@ 3Khz coil.


    For war relics (IRON MODE) is a good machine capable of equalizing the XLT in depth and VDI. The great advantage of the Signum is the FULL IRON SCALE from -90 to 0, which makes it possible to identify the "iron types" by its VDI. In the manual comes something detailed but from field experience it is possible to correctly separate a piece of shrapnel (-80 to -50) from a hand grenade (-45 to -37) from a mortar (-20 to -12) being this an excellent feature for those of us who are dedicated to militaria.

    A common problem is the rusty cans of the soldiers, there are hundreds of them in the field and the VDIs are always possible targets. The Signum for this task has the Hodograph (or Hodor, like Game of Thrones xD) which gives us an idea about the type of target, if the line is semi-open towards the iron zone it will surely be a whole piece of iron , if it is closed to the right, positive zone will surely be a whole piece of medium-high condutive (coins) and if the Hodo draws large open curves from left to right in VDI it is likely that it is a rusty tin or similar object. S-Algorithm can be used too.

    The identification order for me would be: Sound> VDI> Hodo, but when in doubt > always dig.

    For coins (COIN MODE), I have little experience with the Signum in this mode, coin hunting for me is when I do not have time to go to the battlefields. Surely the forum will have colleagues with much more experience in this mode but anyway I put my opinions.

    Ground Balance, the most critical value of the Signum:

    The type of soil in my area is low mineralization, normally the GS is from 005 to 030, so the Auto Ground Balance is almost impossible. The only way to GB the Signum is in Manual GB as explained by the MD documentation. First AutoGB to give an idea of the type of soil, then press V to do ManualGB until the MD is stable. When changing fields, sometimes you have to repeat the GB. The lack of GB will cause the Signum to go crazy falsing, the excess GB will cause the High Conductors to be lost to the iron zone.

    The falsing will make you hate the Signum and want to split it in two, so pay close attention to the GB.

    Hunting with Signum:

    If the Signum is GB well it is a fairly stable detector although it usually marks positive on rusty irons on the surface in the first pass, in the second and third it identifies them correctly. The sound is correct and clean, easy to identify the targets (I use RT-ST 3 tones) and with the support of the VDI and the Hodo is not usually wrong. In deep targets or close to iron or placed sideways the sound is good although the VDI shows low conduct (+10 to +14) are usually good targets, I found bronze coins 6mm to 30 cm obviating the value of VDI. Digging is the best MD.

    I do not have any complaints about the Signum in COIN MODE, maybe I do not have enough experience or experience as others but in general I am very happy with the Signum and the double use I give it: war + coins.

    What I do not like about the Signum:

    1) The price is too high, many of us are western capitalists but not the rich ones. It should be cheaper.

    2) In my case, the ABS / ABC case, very fragile, breaks easily when I hunt in mountains and stony areas. The coil cover the same, it breaks in a few days although the coil is hard the cover is bad.

    3) The backlight, stopped working a few months ago, the repair is difficult and possibly expensive (send to Bulgaria or Russia), so I have no light.

    Would I buy a Signum again?
    Most likely, yes

    Will I buy an Intronik when it's available?
    It depends on the sale price.

    Greetings to all

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